Sweets Nursing Jobs is a bridge of prosperity for Medical Professionals seeking Employment with Prestigious Hospitals

We'll always give it to you straight, no gimmicks, no fees. Just open doors. 

Sweets Nursing Jobs will never charge you a dime, what we do is provide links between Nursing Professionals and the Hospitals that are in desperate need to hire and fill their open roles. We're not sure if your in "know" of the current Nursing shortages hospitals are facing throughout the country. Sweets Nursing Jobs currently only caters to our clients locally, spanning from the San Fernando Valley all the way down to San Pedro, CA.  

We do it Classy: Meet the Team Behind Sweets Talent

Sweets Nursing Jobs is just a single branch off the Sweets Consulting & Staffing tree. Founded in 2017 by three fellas loaded with recruiting, sales, business strategy, and management experience joined forces to conquer the world. 

Like everyone who seeks to build an empire, these three young men searched under every nook and cranny and made hundreds of calls and have taken countless meetings that ultimately created a buzz in the staffing industry and built bridges to multiple clients in various industries whom are ready to hire candidates found by the Sweets trio of Michael, Joshua, and Vincent. How sweet it is when you can obtain what you've been looking for. 

If you're a Registered Nurse (RN), or Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A) and are looking for work in a hospital, reach out, and we'll get you started.